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Hiking Moeciu Area

Hiking Moeciu Area will show you the tourist attractions that the place is proud of

Leave Brasov and take the road to Bran, and when you reach the foot of the Bucegi Mountains and about 30 km from home, the village of Moeciu begins. There you can rediscover landscapes, traditions, stories and sights you don’t hear about every day. Thus, Hiking Moeciu Area begins.

The Bats Cave

It is so called because in its depth there are several bats, among which some of rare species. The cave is only 270 meters long and has a gallery of 110 meters, but it stands out for being a warm cave. There are limestone formations, narrow corridors and a ceiling in hundreds of colours. The Bat Cave is protected by law.

The “Cheile Grădiștei” Gorge

Hiking Moeciu AreaThe Gorge is spectacular for any Hiking Moeciu Area enthusiast. There you meet nature and altitude. You enjoy the Carpathian Mountains and the Bucegnes in all their beauty. From there you can go to the waterfall „La Chișătoare” and the architectural style of the surrounding resorts. Located between Moeciu de Jos and Moeciu de Sus, the waterfall offers an impressive landscape because it is on the left bank of the Turcului stream.

The Dâmbovicioara Cave

Hiking Moeciu Area might also take you to the Dambovicioara Cave. It is located in the south of the Piatra Craiului Massif, 1 km from the village of the same name. The cave has a historical age and was several times the shelter of the scouts, but also a hiding place for the outlaws of the time.

Besides all this, the villages themselves are outdoor monuments. Cheia is a favourite place of many personalities who built their villas and holiday homes there. Moeciu de Sus is seen as a picturesque little place with Austrian charm. From there, the Bucegi National Park is only a few steps away and you can also consider taking a visit there.

The more you visit, the more reasons you’ll find to come back. All you need is a weekend to go Hiking Moeciu Area and discover the charm of these places. And if you already know them, why not see what they look like this time of year?

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